The Best Digital Tools For Remote Collaboration

Remote work is becoming increasingly commonplace and it is vital to use the appropriate tools to ensure seamless collaboration. These digital tools will help increase efficiency and communication, regardless of distances between team members.

Slack is a popular instant messaging platform, is used by teams from all industries. It is now an ideal tool for remote collaboration. It lets channels be created for departments, projects, as well as non-work related topics like dog pictures (#fundogs) or food recipes (#foodlovers). File sharing is possible through Slack too as are video conferences and conference calls that can be recorded. Trello is a project management tool that’s built into Slack. This is ideal for remote project management since it gives an instant overview of all projects in Kanban view.

Another great project management tool for remote teams is Asana that allows you to keep track of tasks and communicate with your teammates all in one place. It is fully integrated, meaning that you can chat and share files, as well as manage assignments from one platform, making it easy for teams from different locations to collaborate effectively.

ClickUp is a comprehensive online tool for collaboration that incorporates all the best features. It is a centralized work hub built for the way people today want to collaborate with video calling chat, document sharing, chat and task management in one location. Its powerful reporting tools streamline the process of tracking project performance.

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