How to Secure Files With a Collaboration Tool

As modern workplaces evolve into digital workspaces collaboration tools are an essential element of the equation. Digital collaboration without a solid cybersecurity system could increase the risk of cyber-attacks that could knock it off its feet.

Many employees aren’t aware how to secure their documents using a collaboration tool. This can create security holes that criminals can take advantage of. For instance when employees are sharing a file that has malware or ransomware with other users on their team, they may not realize that they are passing on the threat to more people and infect other devices.

To reduce the risk of security breaches, it is critical to provide regular and updated employee training. Companies should not only train employees about the best practices for online collaboration security but also implement BYOD policies that include clear guidelines for how to use collaborative tools. Companies should also consider using collaboration tools that minimize human error which is the most common entry point for hackers.

Another key element for secure online collaboration is limiting access and authorization for sensitive documents. To accomplish this, you can set up information governance workflows within a project on your collaboration software that ensure that only authorized users are able to access restricted data. Furthermore, you can schedule regular assessments for each project to detect privilege sprawl and prune old data that shouldn’t be stored on the collaboration platform.

Finally, you can protect the files you store with a solid encryption solution. Make sure that the collaboration tool provides 256-bit encryption at bank-level and is so strong that it will take the most powerful computer in the world more than a billion years decrypt a file.

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