Legal Matters Uncovered – A Rap Edition

Yo, check it – when it comes to legal matters, we gotta know the score

Let’s start with the Kaiser Legal Department Phone Number, hit ‘em up for sure

If you’re in New York, sign the Standard Residential Lease Agreement

But watch out, you might be acting under color of law – don’t get caught in the cage

For medical professionals, the ECFMG 7 Year Rule is something you gotta engage

For the elderly in DC, get the legal counsel you need

The history of slavery – when was it first legalized? It’s a story of greed

Need legal representation? Hit up the GAM Law Office

If you’re interested in law, take the Legal Assistant Training Courses, no need to be distraught

Landlords, listen up – the Nearly Legal Section 21 Flowchart is what you need, no need to shout

Lastly, it’s a question that’s not so absurd – Is it legal to shoot a robber? It’s all about self-defense, word

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